Thursday, December 8, 2016


It's snowing in Portland. And the state has shut down. Actually it shut down last night when it was still perfectly nice out. The roads were perfectly clear this morning and we left late. This is unheard of. Even the weekends have more traffic. There was some wind but that was it. The snow did not pick up until 11am. It has been coming down fairly decently since then. With the exception of picking up my fiance from the bus I wont be travelling out today. Hey I got rear ended when it was just cold and rain, cold rain and snow I'm not jinxing it any more.


Last night we stayed home from archery practice and I got to work on a project for my campaign of Storm Kings Thunder. So far all we have done is fight our way through GoldenFields. This will be for the epic show down against the army of goblins, bugbears, ogres, and giants. Overall the wall stands 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Should be a fun conclusion. Plus I like side projects. 

Todays work and research have been light. I discovered Nviso labs blog. They had a good article on their tool VBA Emulator. Essentially it'll explode an office doc with macros and push out the resulting actions. If it works (its still really in alpha) it would be a huge help. They have alot of other great articles too so I've been going through them. 

I'm still struggling to get my concealed carry. While Washington's is fine, Oregon is proving more difficult. The closest county is notoriously against issuing them. They suggested going to St Helens which is an hour each way and they aren't doing appointments for another 2 months. 

Also been working on finishing up my UEDC bag. Its slightly on hold until X-mas. 

That is all I have. Stay safe. 

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