Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23rd (Monday) Roundup

Welcome all,

I am fairly outspoken and spend way too much time on FB. This can be annoying for people who try to follow me. So I'm going to make an attempt to round up all my news stories and topics and post them here. 

Update: Updated again (I'm gone for 30 minutes...)
At least it s not Trump day. Hopefully we can make Nov 8th a holiday as well. I was curious what the 3rd thing he signed was. 
Its not a right for benefits for all couples, Texas wants to pick and choose who is deserving of employee benefits.

Report about how he gets bored and likes to watch TV.
Also includes reading tweets and complaining.

Trump resigns from business holdings. Supposedly. Except Florida and NY have yet to see this paperwork. 

How to affect change from a Senator. Show up in person.

Approval ratings. Historically low. Well he's the best at being bad.

Alternative fakes - Crime stats, changes.
As many of you know I’m a criminology major. Fake crime stats make me see red.

Inauguration cake proceeds will be donated to SAGA charities.

Next protests will be planned for April 15th in an effort to get Trump to release his taxes.
Trump will release tax returns?
Conway flipping again. Hopefully the IRS will follow up with their 'audit' soon.

Gag order affecting women everywhere. Surrounded by men.
The United States is a powerful nation and we are affecting women everywhere.

"I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts," Spicer said. "Our intention is never to lie to you."
I watched the press conference and he's not doing a great job. This will be a blood bath. I loved when the obvious plant in the back as a 'last question' went on for a minute about his support of Trump so much that the entire press corps yelled at him to get on with it.

ACA in the hands of the state. I think we can all agree that the idea that states should determine their standing and rights is gone a political platform. The same people will say that the states should be able to choose but agree with a nationwide ban on abortion.

Find swing districts. A way to find districts that can be changed back to Dem hands.

Rocky week - An overall feeling that things are not off to a great start.

CIA issue. Not only did he plant people the audience, but Spicer says in the press today that those were all CIA agents not Trumps people. Overall the mood was a boisterous campaign rhetoric trying to inflate his ego. Cudos to the CIA for not showing partisanship.

TPT Trump has officially withdrawn from the TPT. I'll be honest I do not have enough knowledge of the situation to know if this will be good or bad.

Sanctuary cities.  Of course they want to flash funding to sanctuary cities. I can see this being an escalating issue. California supports a large swath of middle America with its taxes. If they stop funding we stop paying. Things turn bad. Also again suddenly states shouldn’t have the right to decide for themselves.

Potential trade issues as brought up by Robert Reich.

Women of color.  This photo says a lot. Lately there has been a lot of discussion about women of color 'attacking' white women. I've said it before and I will say it again. Listen. If somebody who has a different set of priv than you says something that makes you feel uncomfortable you should listen to that. I'm a white cis gendered middle class male. I am uncomfortable all the time. I can get upset at them or I can accept that I don't see the whole picture.

Standing rock steps aside, a dark day but we all knew this was coming.

Time for some humor. Patton Oswalt is a dear.
Men'sMarch & Patton Oswalt

Spokane hero. I grew up wanting to be a police officer, surrounded by police officers. Law enforcement has been my life up until a few years ago. There is a systemic issue with the way our law enforcement  is being recruited, trained, and supported. That is not to say that there are not some amazing inspiring people out there.